Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hey there everyone and welcome to the Sunday Surf Report. It feels like October is coming early this year. We've had lots of heavy rains and some weird wind conditions already. Even so, we are still getting our windows and there is plenty of swell in the water. Today we headed south to get away from the crowds and found some overhead sets all to ourselves. Unfortunately, today is Roberto's day off and we opted to surf instead of taking photos so this is the only shot we got. We'll be back on it again tomorrow, so stay tuned.

It's been a while since we've seen Gorgeous George and now we know why. This photo was sent in anonymously over the weekend and through some Nica-sleuthing, we've been able to narrow down the location of the email server to one of the European countries - most likely Monaco or maybe even France. The word on the street is that a "Mediterranean Jet-Ski Tour" is in the works. We've mobilized our sources and should have something definitive for you soon. At this point, further flight risk is minimal - It seems that a minor ankle injury has forced GG into some required R&R. This will undoubtedly impede his globe-trotting ability, at least momentarily, and give us a chance to gain some ground. We'll likely find him frolicking about in a warm sea of topless women or perhaps sipping the latest frozen, fruity concoction in the beach cabana. At least we know he won't be out all night dancing on the good ankle - wait, maybe we don't know that... Rest assured, we won't stop until we find him! Stay tuned as the story unfolds.