Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, August 19, 2005

Oh yeah! We are back in Nicaragua now and the waves are pumping! I haven't surfed in two weeks and I'm feeling my age today, but it's great to be back none the less. We've got slightly overhead sets and light offshores all day.

First day back and we took all the boys out for the maiden voyage of the "Dirty Sanchez". That's her in the background...and yes, we share waves.

Check out Luis, pulling under the umbrella on a nice right.

Here is Ernie from NicaSurf, grabbing another set wave.

Here is Roque, flying higher than ever. He was even landing a few of these.

This is me, working through the cob webs.

All in all, it was a magical day. Girls running on the beach...

...A giant sperm wale and her baby on the way home.

And a the first successful voyage of the Dirty Sanchez. It's on now!