Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, July 25, 2016

Hi there!!!. After a magnific week of good waves overhead and perfect lines the swell is droping. The tide coming in have some of the best wave during the day. The same peak of the last few months have the left and the right working and some surfers in the line up.


After the launch time some surfers paddle out to score some waves and check it out. There are some waves two to three feet high with a decent shape.

This month was really good. We were expecting good waves for this year and we feel we already are blessing with the swell we already had. Well, the seasson is just starting and we are waiting for more.

The sets have some waves like this one. The ocean looks flat for a while and the sets come with some fun waves. This surfer have the oportunity of take one of the best wave in the alineation and check what happen.

Oh! Man \!!!, he was in the waterfall and the other surfer going out just was watching the tube in this wave. Well, that happen to me a lot of time.

This surf girl was the ripper today. She was surfing so well this waves, I see her making just quality cuts in every wave.

When the waves closing like this is not a there is no reason to abandon the wave. Its time to hit the waves like this surfer here.

Or if you see the lip breaking its time for a flouter. The waves are like a park. Every wave have something for practise a tricks.

Here is another surfer making a floater in the same section. The waves are small for the next days, the next swell is coming for the weekend.

One of the most famous invention in this century are the Go pro cameras. Here is the right given to this surfer have another good picks.

When you found a wave like this one working with the same shape all the time its good for you try and try a lot of time the same tricks.

Ok. Primos. After the storm the calm comes and we have super good week. We need to rest our muscle, eat healty and have some good sleep to be ready for the next swell in the horizone. Have fun until the next swell, idf the waves are small take out you longboard and see you in the line up. Armando Lopez is out.