Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, July 15, 2011

Que pasa chicos?  This is Lucha Libre Garcia bringing you all the action from the beach.  The waves were super fun this morning, running about chest to head high and some over head waves on the bigger sets, the wind was light offshore and the lineup was a little busy.  Check it out!!!

Sick waves were rolling in all over the place and everyone out there had to score some of them.  Unknown buddy dropping into a nice right!

The rights were going off so everybody wanted to get on them.  Check out this pal getting deep in the flats with a sick bottom turn.

The Latino guys were killing it all day long.  This is Gabriel Escudero pulling in deep on his backside.

Shot 2, did I say deep?

Shot 3, where did he go?

Shot 4, there he is! 10 shots later.

Shot 5, another section?

Shot 6, getting deep again on the same wave.  Dammmmm!!!

Shot 7, looking for the door. 8 shots later, too many to post but worth to share!

Shot 8, that was incredible!

Gabriel was also ripping it up.  Going big with a sweet vertical maneuver.

Tons of sick waves and many good surfers happened to be together today.  So that made my job easier than usual.  If you were here this morning let us know because we might have a sick photo of you.

Lets take it back to the barrel fest.  I didn’t get to meet this buddy but he was also getting some sick ones.

Shot 2, same guy, same wave, same spot.

Shot 3, pulling out 14 shots later.  This barrel was also a sick one!

It is always nice to have photos of different angles.  Camera man on the beach and a Go-Pro camera on the head is a killer combination.

Quite a few cute chicks made it to the beach and I was there to prove it.  Hola musasita!

Roque “Balboa” Calderon got a little late to the beach and he missed the best waves but he was still able to ride some fun ones.  About to throw some spray on this little nugget!

Probably all these waves look the same to you, and that actually how it was.  Every wave that came in was sick.  This buddy got a couple of sick ones and we have to say that he got super shack on this one and made it out for sure.

Alright folks, that’s all for today.  We are heading down south and we’ll do the report from down there tomorrow so stay tuned with us.

This just in, the guys from Surfari Charter keep doing their thing on the Va Pue.  They just caught the #48 of the season and counting.  Good job boysssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!