Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Hi, this is Roberto reporting from CR. We had a meeting this morning with the judges at Playa Hermosa, there were some heats as an example where one surfo from each country got participated. It's overhead on sets and the wind was offshore all day long, but It's fun we got some barrels, busting airs and some wipeouts. Check it out.

So, I don't know many of them but I get some sicks shot.

Luis and Roque were out representing their country. Here is Luis with some air.

This is Jairo Perez a local from CR. He's one of the favorites to win the juniors contest.

The wipeout of the day was for Gary, this guy is from Panama.

I don't know this guy but he was ripping all over the place.

I know you were waiting for a chick shot. There you go.

Roque was ripping too.

Here is another barrel, he made it and I gabbed him 8 shots sequence to many to post. Here is the best one.

Later in the afternoon all the crew paddle out. Here is Mario EL DA

This is Willian EL CANIVAL going off the top.

Here is Zamir on a nice size wave.

Check back tomorrow.