Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, July 08, 2007

We've got offshore winds and small swell in the water today in Nicaragua. It's running about chest high or so on sets and while some folks are surfing, we decided to take a day off to rest for the upcoming swell later this week. We'd like to take this moment to remind all you folks who check the surf report on NSR everyday to have a look at our homepage every now and then too - we have a new slideshow where we post up-to-date information, relevant news about Nicaragua and important announcements. For example, right now we are looking for this man who is known only by the name "Gorgeous George". Although he is rarely seen and even less often photographed - we were fortunate to document this sighting on film (thanks to EBO Photos and Surfari Charters!). Upon further analysis of this photo, our experts would like to point out his affinity for the color pink and a very aggressive stance - which together strongly indicate we are near mating season. As such, please take all necessary precautions in or near the surf. If approached, do not run away - GG is easily excited by movement and will give chase. It would be better to create a distraction and sneak out in the confusion. For that, we recommend Flor De Cana. Stay tuned to NSR as the story unfolds. There will be a handsome reward for any information which leads to his identification and ultimate capture.

THIS JUST IN...Hey folks, we are super excited to report this - something we've all believed all along but have yet to verify in person...until now! Nicaragua is holding waves on the Atlantic Coast! Check it out - The combination of the lack of swell on the Pacific side and a small low pressure system in the Caribbean was enough to entice the Surfari Charters Crew to jump on a plane over this past weekend and seek out something new. What they found was a brand new surf spot - remote, wild and PIPING! This is Capt. Lance Moss, one of the first to sample the spoils.

While these guys are 100% deadset against disclosing the exact location (don't even thing of asking where they went), they couldn't wait to let the cat out of the bag and let the world know we have waves on our "right coast". This is Gorgeous George, slotted at this "yet to be named" left hander.

"I got barreled on EVERY wave" claimed Brodi "CT". "We still didn't find a Right point break in Nicaragua, but we can't really complain about this - we scored!" And based on the "all over body welts" for the whole crew, so did the Mosquitoes! Yeah, cry me a river guys! Really though, this was solid work by Surfari Crew - we are all truly impressed. Now can you please invite me the next time?