Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, July 03, 2006

The new swell is filling in today. We've got some overhead sets and offshore winds out here at the NSR Beach House. Here's a shot from the location of the future clubhouse/restaurant/pool area. Not a bad view.

If you sit on the porch of the NSR Beach House, you can snap shots like this all day...once you are done surfing that is.

Here is Ray Ray, visiting Nicaragua all the way from Texas. What do you say Ray Ray? This is some great practice for those hurricane swells in the gulf.

We don't know this guy, but he was pulling into some dirty backside barrels. Zacateca!

And from our roving reporter at an undisclosed location to the South - this left point break was lighting up. Offshore winds, big barrels and light crowds made for a killer afternoon session. Gotta love Nicaragua. Check back tomorrow for more swell.

Hi, this is Roberto welcome to the surf report and spanish class for today. It's over head on sets out here at Maderas and the wind is offshore. Check it out.

This is Tadd from California with a floater.

We have many waves with no takers.

Ohh,, Who is that chick? I gotta meet her.

Today we got some love on the beach.

Here is Mateus from England.

Ahh,, We got another chick for today.

TODAY'S SPANISH CLASS: Aqui esta EU tomando una bonita derecha. Here is EU taking a nice right.

Andres from Argentina with the drop.

Check back tomorrow.