Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, June 28, 2005

We've still got solid swell in the water today...and offshore winds! We'd like to thank Local Treasure International for the boat trip today. We scored good waves at Outer Reef and Manzanillo AND we got some cool photos! Thanks Guys! Check this wave out. Can you tell how big it is?

How about this killer perspective from the boat? Check out the two guys on the shoulder. One of them is Hot Carl.

Even though the tide was going a bit too low when we got there, we were still able to catch a few. This is me on one of the few ridable ones.

Wipeout of the day goes to Mr. Unser, who's fearlessness went unrewarded today. Check out this sequence. (to his credit, this one was pretty much unmakeable)

Number two of the Unser sequence. This one buckled the 7'6''