Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, June 24, 2022

Hey everybody and welcome back to the daily surf report! The waves are looking mighty fine and all the surfers were out and plenty of photographers too. Here are some morning highlights..

Plenty of waves coming through this morning, I would say the rights were more prevalent but the lefts were working too, check out that sick A-frame! That's the only kind of party wave I like.

If I had to guess the waves right now are firing too with the pushing tide as it's about mid right now and with that energy in the water it should be pretty epic.

Not all tubes, some of the waves were peeling and like this guy hitting the layback they were just asking to be shredded

Bauti stoked to be getting a wave that doesn't have another guy going over the falls about to land on his head if you saw the report yesterday you know what I'm talking about.

Just a beautiful empty wave..

Beach Bro!!! Lucas scoring the brunch session

Mystery Barrel surfer

Plenty of variety this morning in the water and after an extended down time everybody is frothing hard for our normal conditions that returned today

Get up, get out, and lay back

It was pretty consistent this morning after the tide came up, by all reports the early morning was lackluster but as the tide came up it got pretty darn goody

The legend Carlos out there scoring the wave of the morning

Okay everybody thank you for coming by and perusing our daily surf report! We gonna have some super fun waves for the foreseeable future so make sure to come back and check us out. The weather is beautiful and the waves are firing it's a good life. Cheers