Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, June 19, 2016

Hi everybody!!!!. Happy Father day!!!!. The line up was almost empty. This peak have some good waves. The swell is small now, but is coming up again tomorrow. Here are some of the surfer in the water during the high tide session. Check it out.

After a massive swell in this beach there is a channel really deep making this right rolling perfect. The waves are coming constantly and some one have good size.

The side shore wind was affecting a little bit the tube. This server is trying to made one, but looks like the wave is not open.

The waves were more for made turns. Here is a father of family enjoying his day off.

This right was super strong the last days and know there is a current getting out in that spot and looks like the waves keep shaping. Some times there is a wave double up the size because the current made grow up, gnarly and strong, really ugly with sand. Looks scare.

The surfers are enjoying the waves conditions, because days ago, we were watching a bumps exploiting in the beach and the line up was empty. The days after swell are nice and this is how looks before the waves go big again.

There are one wave working in the north of the beach and was soft and have a good ramp. never closing out and just one surfer was there.

This surfer was the ripper in the line up. He was running this left and he can show you how fun was.

He was making three turns in this wave. Yesterday in the afternoon the waves were super fun, were overhead and strong with big barrels. Probably today will be the same.

This surfer also try this air in the en of the wave. This left was so playful, have some spot for turns and close with this perfect "U" for go in the air.

My friend and photographer Jose Alexandro is learning to surf and he made his first turn. The waves are friendly during the high tide.

Here is Jose with a lazy boy surf style. Check how the wave in the end is breaking. Good for every kind of surf level.

Well, Jose is not a professional, but he was enjoying his day off, before be a father and work almost every day. Have fun and see you tomorrow. Armando Lopez is out.