Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, May 03, 2007

The swell dropped down a bit but there are still some rideable waves out here. It's chest to shoulder high on sets and the Vrginia crew is still paddling out for the rest of the week. Here is a shot of the Virginia crew having fun on vacations down here in Nicaragua.

These guys have been killing during the week. Here is Bob "Cebollas" Morecock with a sweet shot on the big panga.

Here is Allen "Beez" Beasley taking one of the best left of the day. These guys can surf anytime we have waves because they're staying in the NSR Beach House.

Check out Chuck "El Presidente" Zauzing going big on a nice looking right.

Here is Ed "Eduardo" Power with another good wave. Who said these guys can not surf?

Here is Randy "Big Duke" Duvell charging on that thing. Hey man if you sell this picture, remenber to give me a credit.

Here is John "Juan Lago" Lake with a killer shot. I'm sure his going to be checking NSR everyday for this pic, don't you?

This is Rich "Strummer" Cromwell trying to cutback. It was pleasure to have you here my friend.

Check out Jeff "Sitos" Breit getting some speed on the big board. That looks like if he has a Yamaha four stroke motor right on the tail.

Here is a guy from Gigante fishing village with a nice spray.

There were a couple of good ones with no riders.

Check out David "El Pelon" Osiris with a nice backside barrel. Hopefully we are going to get some of those for tomorrow.