Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, May 01, 2017

Hello everybody and welcome to a fresh week of surf reports with NSR! This is Parker logging in to upload today’s shots. Check ‘em out!!

I know the report is getting up late (John Gilem) but today was a long epic boat day. Find that comfy part of your chair, settle in, and enjoy today’s fun shots with an even more fun crew!

NSR's (and my) good friend Louie Preysz is still in town for another week. Him and his wife Heather are enjoying their brand new house: Casa Ola. Ohh, and Louie is also enjoying this left point.

Have you guys heard about Casa Ola? It’s one of our new rentals and clients are loving it. Although, I guess it isn’t too hard to love when it’s priced well, is situated in a private part of the community, has the coolest dining room table in Tola, and has the comfiest couches. See for yourself: http://www.surfnsr.com/nicaragua-vacation-rentals/261249

Being goofy footers, Heather and Louie love this point break (that’s a cop out because I’m a regular footer and I still love it). Keep scrolling down- you’ll see how much harder my boss charges than your boss!!

Sooooo can we call today’s conditions overhead? However you call it, Heather committed!!! What’s cool though is she still has so much fun whether it’s shoulder or overhead- she’s just stoked to get out and get after it!

It looks like Safari isn’t the only one in the family charging. Maybe Pancho can learn a thing or two from these ladies…

Damon is one of Louie’s buds from back home. And actually, today is a special day in the Roby family because his wife Melissa turns 25 today! Melissa, we need to get you and Charley down here soon!!! Maybe we can show you around some cool cities, have you guys spend a family day at the pool, or set you up in the nearby spa. Sound good??

Because… I think Damon was stoked and something tells me he’ll be back soon. At least, I hope to see him again soon and spend more time with this guy.

There’s good swell in the water right now. Normally, this is a soft rippable waves but when the waves turn on, you can find sections. If you want more, hit one of the handfuls of beaches that were firing today.

I’m not sure if Heather’s bomb sequence or this sequence is my favorite for the day. After you check out the next couple photos, you tell me.

Today was Damon’s first time surfing this wave so we wanted to get him on as many waves as possible. Louie called Damon onto this wave annnddddddd…

He tosses buckets in his face!!!!! Maybe I should let Damon write the captions instead…

Heather’s reaction: Louie are you serious man?!?!?! In all honesty, she was wiped out from Kevin’s morning workout and surfing here for three hours. But it sounds way better to say Heather was disgusted with Louie.

Yeah, they surfed a lot today but how can you not when there’s groundswell and light offshores? Heather picked off all the insiders while the boys outside waited for the sets. Not a bad strategy if you want a high wave count (the insiders still peel really well).

We still linked up for a few photos, like this one, when she sent the lip of the wave into my face. What did I do this time to deserve it Heather?!?! I don’t think I broke a key and I’ve been taking great care of the guests lately.

Another surfer who was throwing buckets was Norling Narvaez. He is one of the captains for Surfari Charters so he knows how to shred, hook serious fish, and SUBU. Norling, I hope we hook another 500 pound marlin when I come on charter next month!!!!

I hung out with another Surfari family member Rick Briggs. If you are staying in the Tola area and you want a professional photographer, look him up (@donde_x) and reach out to him. You can expect good vibes, jokes, Tonas, and Trits with this muchacho.

My Mom taught me to never make stereotypes but I have a generalization to publicize: I have not met one person from northern Florida (that’s like Jacksonville and St. Augustine, yeah?) who isn’t awesome. Louie, if you have more friends from that area, send them down bro!!!

Second generalization about Jacksonville/St. Augustine: people from there surf well and stay stoked in any conditions… Lou Bob shows off refined style and picture perfect form.

And Mom, I'm sorry for not listening to your rules and doing what you told me not to do (although that is the first time ever in my life). That's why I have men like Louie in my life. He calls it straight, give me mature advice, and is a role model husband, father, and friend to look up to.

So Damon, if I’m going to do my job as the guest service rep, what kind of waves do you want to surf tomorrow??? You tell me how many hours you want to surf and we’ll make it happen. Or, how about we take it easy and order another round of massages?!

Making turns is fun but I think it’s time to find a few of those elusive tubes tomorrow. The swell should still continue to be fun tomorrow and then another pulse comes through later this week. You may want to bookmark this web page…

After you surf up north, always hit the nearby pulperia. My advice: buy a 40 of Tona for just under a $1.50 and a big bag of cheesy Doritos for $0.50. Another piece of advice: check back at our report tomorrow. But, that’s just a stoked, hungry/thirsty, surfed out 24 year old speaking so take it with a grain of salt. Ok damas and caballeros, thank you guys for tuning into today’s shots and we hope you’ve had a good start to the week. Hasta mañana amigos!!