Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, April 18, 2005

Once again the waves have held overhead and all the spots are firing. The winds were back to the normal offshores today too, not the hurricane force we've been having. After a long bus ride in from CR, we had a Schlek sighting...trying to adjust without a wetsuit.

It was tough getting the right lighting on this one, due to the reflection off of Schlek's white head. Hopefully, you can see it...

Then we drove North to surf Colorado's and found overhead barrels...

Shlek takes a lunch break and makes us tomato - avocado sandwiches.

It was fun out there...but after surfing for over a month straight, I'm taking a couple of days out of the water to rest up for the next swell.

I found this guy running around on the beach and made friends with him. Actually, he probably didn't think I was his friend, but he was an interesting subject to photograph.