Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, April 16, 2006

Roberto should be getting the report for today up soon. It's our last day in Corn Island - we are tired and sunburned but we had a blast and will definitely be back. NSR, represent.

Back to the Mainland (Nicaraguan Mainland that is).

This is Roberto with the surf report and spanish class for today. It's about chest high on sets sometimes head high, the water is chilly and the wind is offshore. Check out this wave you can go left or go right, if you know where it is.

Ok, here is the right at Remanso beach.

Ahh, look up that.

This is and other right. Do you want to know where it is? keep checking with us and you'll know it.

TODAY'S SPANISH CLASS: Ahora, yo creo los locales la reconocen. Va la derecha. Now, I think the locals reconize it. Going rigth.

Ahh, It's was a pitty nobody was out. Going left. Check back tomorrow, and email us if you know where this wave is.