Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What’s up folks?  Here we are one more time bringing you all the action for the Tuesday surf report and it is PUMPING!  Today we went to the beach in the morning to score some big waves with the first big swell of the year.  It was way over head on sets with straight offshore winds, making our surf conditions really good.  Check it out!!!

The lineup was a little bit busy because we only had to peaks to share out there.  We mostly had locals taking advantage on some of the mini bumps we had coming in.  This is Randy “El Bambino” bottom turning on this sick right hander.  Did I say it was PUMPING!  Next time you gotta grab your rail al pull into that thing dude!

We also had some beautiful lefts coming in, and our main man Dario was there in the right spot to catch a few of them.  He’s been asking us to post a photo of him, and today his dream came true.  Nice one Dario!

As I said before the waves are PUMPING!  This is the same swell that rocked Tahiti two days ago and now it's hitting Nicaragua.  Check out Jamil “El Coki” Brox on this keeper.  This one looks like Indo, don’t you think so?

There were some huge waves rolling in but they were really hard to catch because they were breaking way outside.  Jeremy paddled all the way out and grabbed this one just to let you know how big it was.

Mr Barrels is always able to get into a nice shack.  We are talking about “El Tuzo” Morales, here he is about to make it through that big curtain.  Today was PUMPING and BARRELING!

We caught a really good drop sequence of “La Baloy”.  Look at this wave!  Are you kidding me?  Check it out, shot 1.

Shot 2, air dropping!

Shot 3, about to eat s!!!

Shot 4, is he really going to pull that up!

Shot 5, making through the blender.

Shot 6, what a nice milkshake dude.  You drank it all!

We want to give a special shout out to Codo Lopez in his last day out surfing.  He’s flying out to Canada tomorrow to spend a couple month with his lovely Chompipita!  Have a great trip Codo.  We will miss you buddy!

As we said before the locals getting the big and sick waves today - and they were also running each other over.  Here we have Don Bigote and El Coki about to land this drop on “El Abuelo’s” back.  All that Byron said was “OH MY GOD”!

On the last shot of the day we have Riley “La Ranita” drifting one of the many sick rights he caught.  We are going to have good swell all this week and the winds are supposed to back off starting tomorrow afternoon - it could get really SICK!  Stay tuned and check back for the photos!