Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hi folks, this is Lucha one more time bringing you a little bit of the action we had this morning.  The waves were pretty fun, running about chest to head high on sets, with nice offshore winds and the water was still pretty cold.  Check it out!!!

The lineup was commanded by local gringos and they were taking plenty of fun waves all morning long.  This is Marcelo picking up a nice left right out front.

There were a couple of nice waves coming at Machete pt as well.  Here is caught Raul from Venezuela high lining on this right through the rocks at Machete.

The left point by Machete Pt was also doing its thing.  This is Marcus digging a nice bottom turn on this peeler.

Dave “El Mechudo” made it out today and he finally got a real barrel shot.  He found himself into this nice little shack and he loved it.  You do have to claim this one Mechudo!!!

A few ladies paddled out and they scored.  This is Amy from Cal trying to get a little shade on this left.

A nice crew from Israel was out and they were shredding.  This is Asik with a cool off the top on this little nugget.

The last shot of the day goes to Asik’s friend working on his backside on this drop.  The waves should be fun tomorrow as well so make sure to check us back out.