Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, March 06, 2014

Hi there, Lucha Libre Garcia with a little bit of the action we had today at Playa Maderas.  Solid overhead waves on the bigger sets, nice offshore winds and nobody was cold today, everyone stayed hot in the lineup.  Check it out!!!

The locals were chargin' today, catching lots of sick ones.  El Mope Miranda with a solid one on his backhand.

Norwin El chulin Estrella was doing his thing as well.  Also on his backside but now on a sick right.

Augusto La Gaviota Chamorro was flying all over, as always.  Sick one buddy!

Did I say something about solid overhead waves?  Check out this left and make your own call, how big is it?

Lefts and rights were solid today.  Here is caught this unknown rider scoring a nice jewel.

La Bestia Calderon took a ride with me, paddled out and start shredding.  Signature move!

The waves at Machete Pt were going off as well.  I have to say that nobody was out there!

Pedro El Papi Surf Flores took his big panga out and he was ripping hard.  Straight up vert!

Lots of people didn't even paddle out, just enjoy the action from the beach.  Aloha chicas!

Swell is pretty solid.  Lots of water moving for sure.  Don't you think so?

El Pipe Chompipe has been ready to charge some bigger waves and today he went for it.  Deep in the flats with a killer bottom turn

Even Byron El Abuelo Lopez grabbed some sick ones right before dark.  Way to go negro!

The swell is sticking around for tomorrow and we are heading up the coast.  Stay tuned with us!