Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, March 02, 2006

The water is cool and clear and the waves are small today so we went spearfishing instead of surfing. This is the reef at the far North end of Maderas, about a 15 min walk up the beach.

The waves were the same as they have been for the last 10 days, chest high with offshores, but that didn't matter today. Here is Roberto and Kambute, preparing to get in the water. That cut in the reef is a deep trench.

Five minutes, one shot and the whole day is worth it. This is about a 6 lb Red Snapper (Pargo Rojo), one of the best fish you can get in these waters. FISH TACOS Tonight!

At one point, I was watching Kambute - he had one fish in is pocket, another in his left hand and the loaded Hawaiian Sling in his right hand. He swam down into this cave and I saw him shoot the sling. I could tell he hit something because the sling was shaking violently. He struggled for about 20 seconds to bring something up with his one free hand, but in the end, ran out of air. He did however get a nice Tigre (Grouper), shown here.