Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, March 01, 2008

OK everybody, don't forget that today is the first day of the first surf contest of the year here in Nicaragua. We've got great swell forecast for this year's event - It should be pumping! Come out to Maderas and support the local surfers as they compete for this year's national title. ...and stay tuned to NSR for complete contest coverage!

Alright folks, the contest is on and we have tons of surfers from the whole country. It's the first time we have a contest at Maderas with some swell in the water but this time the factor was "The Wind". Yeahh guys, the wind blows strong offshore today but that didn't stop all the surfers to have fun and try to win the first contest of the year down here in Nicaragua. It's overhead on sets, the wind is strong offshore as i said before and the water is cold. Here is a shot of the scene on the beach from Machete pt.

The wind was strong offshore but there were some sick set waves like this one coming through. I bet everybody wants to be out there right now.

We are going to start with this guy, young Rex "La Bestia" Calderon. It's not a surprise for us but maybe for you guys it is, this little kid was killing today and made it to the third round in the Open National tomorrow and he made it to the semifinal in the junior category.

What it is a surprise for us is that Augusto "La Gaviota" Chamorro didn't make it to the third round for tomorrow. He had a good first round and was surfing pretty well but he couldn't catch any good wave in the second round. We'll be next time buddy!!!

There were a couple surfers from Limon, Las Salinas who were surfing very good today. Here we have Melkis "El Buitre" Sanchez with a cool floater. He made it to the third round into the national.

The big surprise of the day was this guy, Rodolfo "Calibilly" Zapata. He is determinated to get a good place in this contest and made it to the third round into the national and to the semifinal into the juniors with some nice bottom turn and good shredding. Good luck tomorrow my friend.

That it wasn't a surprise for us was to have a lots of beautiful chicks on the beach. It looks like this dog was really surprised, check out its tone.

There are always some sweet wipe outs in the lineup with a day like this one. Check out this guy from Leon about to get a free massage at Machete pt in front of the rocks. Don't worry pal, you are on!!!

It is good to know that everybody is packing the trush up, even the big gorillas from the hills. Yeahh guys, we have to keeps the beach clean to preserve the nature of our country.

Darwin "El Cabucho" Jacamo is so excited to participate in this contest because this is the only way that all the local surfers can share each other. Here he is seconds away to paddle out in the second round into the junior heats. By the way he's ready to win tomorrow because he made it to the semifinal into the juniors contest.

Here is "El Mope" Miranda getting ready to run into the second round against 3 of the best surfers from San Juan de Sur. This was a very tight heat with El Monito, The Shaper and La Polita trying to advance into the next round. At the end "El Monito" and "El Mope" made it to the third round for tomorrow.

Here is "El Jamon de Mono" Solis with a sick layback maneuver. This guy was suring as a kid of 15 years old, maybe we are going to call him the rubber man.

There were some sweet set coming in and Jamil "El Cerrucho" Amador from Popoyo was in the right spot and caught one of them. Here he is getting into a nice backside barrel.

Luis "La Baloy" Chamorro didn't has a good first round but he was getting better little by little in each round and he made it to the third round for tomorrow. Here he is with a nice vertical move

One of the other guy who made it to the third round into the national from Limon was Mario "El Danino" Martinez. Here he is cutting on a small one.

Norwin "El Chulin" Pecaminoso was charging today, getting some size wave. Here he is getting into a nice one. He's going to be in the semifinal into the junior heats against his good friend "Carita de Venado".

Here we have Samir "El Peluchito" Duarte attacking a small wave. This guy made it to the third round too and the news are that he is going to participate in the next Central American Contest in Panama instead of our friend Gustavo Noguerra.

The best thing of the day was that we had a lot of cutes girls showing us their tathoos. Don't you believe us? Here is the proof. Alright folks, stay tuned with us for the finals score into the finals heats.