Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, February 24, 2015

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Hello good afternoon. We woke up early to check couple spot. Check what happen. The water is clear and not to cold, not to crowd and relly friendly waves.

Yamil was one of the first one paddling out. Here is trying to constrict the shock absorber he have in his stomach.

The other Silver Back Gorilla "El Melkin". He is going to surf in his shortboart 6'8", but I think he need a S. U. P.

One of the nice tube today. Here is Bryan Philly in back side style. Sick Bro.

D-LITE and me were betting to who be the first one to go surf and who take the photos, he win and here is his best wave.

I just get two waves today, but both were tubes, Check this one.

OK. D-LITE I think I get the best round. Sheers.

Not was a big barrel, but I was around seven meters inside the tube, nice way to start the morning.

Getting out this little nugget. The life is better if you have a nice wave everyday. Come here and try get one per day, this is all you need.

Ok. Amigos. The next week we will have a good swell hitting all this good breaks. So be tuned for see the barrel show. Armando Lopez is out.