Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, February 04, 2006

Many of you might have noticed that we've been adding a lot of content to NSR lately. Yes, we've been busy. The latest addition is our second rental property - NSR Casita V-14, located inside the Rancho Santana Resort. The NSR Casita is a 2 bedroom/1bath house -a smaller and lower priced alternative to the NSR Beach House, but still a killer place to stay. In fact, it's great for groups of four or less, couples or people looking for more amenities such as a swimming pool, rest/bar/ direct tv/ wireless internet access and of course - Great waves out front. Email us for availability and reservations and watch for the NSR Casita V-14 coming soon under "Beach Rentals"

Now, back to the surf....or at least talking about the surf. As if it couldn't get worse than yesterday - today is even smaller and the winds are light Onshore! It's a great day to do something else besides surf - like maybe take out the zodiac.

Or maybe take a walk on the beach...

Or maybe light your surfboard on fire and do the "pray for surf dance" naked on the beach. This is young Rex, who really will surf ANYTHING. See ya tomorrow. Go Steelers!