Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, January 28, 2006

Holy January! We've got pumping surf AGAIN down here in Nicaragua. The weather guys are calling for a "La Nina" this year. We've go no idea what that means, but if January is any indication, we're stoked! Overhead sets and offshore at Maderas. Check it out.

Kervin - with quite possibly what was the wave of the day off of Machete point.

Roberto was on it today, and brough home some sick shots. This is an Agusto sequence, who's really been stepping up his surfing lately. Shot 1

Agusto, Shot 2

Agusto, Shot 3

Oh wait, we're not finished yet...Agusto, Shot 4 - gaining speed

And finally, Agusto, laying it down in Shot 5. Very nice guys!

And what is a pumping day of surf without some chicks at the beach? Roberto delivers the goods. Check back tomorrow.