Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, January 21, 2008

Alright folks, we are Lucha and Come Pan reporting from out here at Maderas. We have a new swell in the water and it's still building, this is strange on this month but we are not complaining. It looks like this year we are going to have many waves for the whole season, so you can book your reservation with us to stay in front of this sick wave. We have solid overhead sets coming in and the wind is still a little bit strong. Check it out.

We have the best rental houses with access to the best surf spots around the country, so shoot us an e-mail and spend the best vacation of your life with NSR. Here is Ashley "La Cenicienta" Blaylock cammanding the lineup today with a sick shot by Lucha. Check our availability out for full photography packages over this year.

Today Gerardo "EL Mope" Miranda was the man at Machete pt. Here he goes taking off on a sweet left and Come Pan was in the right spot to shot this amazing photo.

Here goes "El Mope" Again, this time getting in and under the lip on another nice wave. Did we mention that Machete pt was on fire?

There is always a sweet wipe out when we have good waves. Here is Lucas "El Pelucas" getting a free massage in front of the rocks. Check out Come Pan getting the same shot from a different prepestive from the water.

"El Tuzo" Morales was charging and killing it at Maderas. There he goes getting deep into the shack. Of course he pulled out on this one.

This time the best wave had a owner but it was a pity that he didn't get into the green room. Check out this shot from the beach, what a perfect wave!!!

A second later on the same wave, Ernesto "Ganby" with the botton turn on the best wave of the day. Where is Ton when we need him out there?

This is Alfredo "Peru" Mr Batido on the big panga riding a small but sweet right. This is the first time that he make it on, so he's going to remenber this date for the rest of his life. Check you out Peru, you are famous now.

Here is one more shot of "El Mope", this time missing one of the best right of the day but it wasn't his fault because he wasn't in the right spot to catch it. More waves on tap for tomorrow, so check back with us.