Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, December 29, 2016

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the NSR surf report! We hope your week is wrapping up well and we’ll show you some good shots from this morning to help! Check out today’s action.

If you haven’t seen our reports in the past couple days, it’s been really windy here. Yes, this is our offseason (and windy season) but it’s been howling offshore. According to our forecasts, the wind should calm down in a week.

Grant Johnson, from Casa Cantamar, rode this wave almost to Rancho Santana. During the low tide, long rolling cruisers peeled through to the beach.

And the rights were looking mighty fine (for offseason standards). No matter what, there is always a wave here- even if it’s small and windy. Or, we can call it Mavericks if you prefer.

Grant is getting away with just a rash guard but the locals and residents are using wetsuit tops and spring suits. Normally, water temperatures don’t cool off for another few weeks but due to the heavier offshore flow, the water has dropped to the low to mid 70’s. Come prepared with some neoprene, visit our shop, or man up!!!

How do you think this one is going to end??? Unless you’re Kelly Slater, we’ve all done it so props to him for going anyways!!

I take that back, I’ve never seen Roger Hochman fall… Well maybe once or twice but no more than thrice. Even when he falls, he smiles, paddles back out, and calls you into the next gem!

Roger, what do you think about hopping in a car and surfing a little up north tomorrow???

Most of our clients right now aren’t big surfers so the crowds were light. I think I have more beautiful lineup shots than waves of people surfing!!!!

What’s worse than watching a perfect gem roll through? Maybe watching it roll through then getting crushed by the white wash? Both are rough if you ask me but think about it and let me know for tomorrow’s report! It’s time to close the shop and enjoy the evening. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s shots!! Adios amigos!