Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, December 28, 2014

What's up party people?  Lucha Libre Garcia is here bringing you some of the action of the last few days of this 2014.  Today we made it to the beach super early, trying to beat the little crowd and we did.  Small but nice surf was rolling in, winds were nice offshore and the water was amazing.  Check it out!!!

We want to say hi to our very good friends at http://nicawaves.com/ for another great year.  Lots of waves, sweet vibes and plenty of barrels.  Stop by their place nearby Playa Popoyo and spend a great experience with them.  Gerald and Mike will make your stay a great one!


The waves keep running in the small waves but we are no complaining about it.  We are still having a great time on our big pangas.  Styling off!!!

The lineup was no busy at all so there were plenty of nice ones with no takers.  Where is my board when I need it?

There were a few locals shredding on the shortboards.  Here is caught Chompipin going big with a 180 spin reverse!

We had a longboard fest out there this morning.  Yeewwww!!!

A few chicks were ripping on the big pangas as well.  Wakalacaapata!!!

There were waves for everyone out there.  This unknown surfer was killing it on his little fish.

That's all for today amigos.  Please check back tomorrow!