Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Today we went to the best spot to learn how to surf with two nice girls from the States.  They were super excited and happy to stand up and ride some waves.  We found perfect conditions on the beach, small waves, nice offshore winds and fresh water.  Check out the lineup!

Our very good friend El Codo Lopez took very good care of them and they both love it.  A little bit of beach instruction first, it is how we do it!

Randie on the first wave of her life.  Don’t you think she was having a blast out there?  Check out her face and make a call!

Louise was killing it out there.  She worked a little hard in the beginning but then she picked it up pretty well and she ended up loving it.  Now she is thinking about taking his surfing to the next level.

The lineup wasn’t busy at all but we had some action going on the beach.  Ashley and Elia from Canada enjoying the beautiful day we had.

We want to let everyone know out there that we just got into town some of the sickest rashguards available in the market right now.  Brand new rashguards in 6 different colors and all sizes.  Stop by any of our surf shops and get you one or get the perfect present to your friends.  Jack loves it, as you can see!!!

Paul was the only guy out there taking plenty of small but fun waves all over.  It was nice to seeing you again my friend!

Now we’ll take you back to March to show you a little bit of what we had this year.  Not crowds at all and,,,,,,,,,,,!

The sunsets were amazing giving us a little bit of,,,,,,,,,!

The winds blowed up a little bit in March but,,,,,,,,,,,,!

What else can I say?

APRIL gave us some,,,,,,,,,,!

Would you like to be in that spot?

Jantana showing us how is done!!!

And Jeff Hakman styling and chilling on some hollow waves.    Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

Alright folks, that’s all for today.  We’ll show you tomorrow how May and June were this year, so stay tuned with us.