Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hello everyone and thank you for checking back in for the Sunday surf report.  This is “Come Pan” bringing you all the action.  Today was a busy day for the NSR surf school.  Early this morning we went and met a very nice couple from New York at Morgans Rock Echo Resort for the first of two surf lessons we had on the books on this beautiful Sunday.  We would like to introduce you to Jennifer and Kyle.  The waves were small but D-lite made the most of what we had.  Check it out!!

 With the first action shot of the day we have Jennifer, who was a very fast learner and picked up on surfing right away.  The waves were small, but both of them had a great time.

Next up we have Kyle with a little inside dumper.  We were stoked because he had a couple of good waves.  It was a pleasure to meet the both of you and we hope you come back real soon.

Later on in the afternoon D-lite and I met the next crew for the evening lessons.  We had a family from Canada and a student from San Francisco.

The first shot is of “Big Daddy” Jim with a sweet little wave.  He was stoked to have his family all together to share in a great time at the beach.

Next up we have “Big Sister” Samantha with one of her best waves.  She rode  this one all the way to the sand.  “Way to go”.

Here is a great shot of “Little Sister” Bridgett showing her older sister that she too has great skills.  We were very proud to have had you with us today.

The last student of the day is Marissa.  We caught this shot of her and her boyfriend sharing the same wave.  All of our students today had a blast.  We hope you all come back soon and score some great waves with NSR again here in Nicaragua.

Be sure to check back with us tomorrow.  We want to leave you with this beautiful shot of the sunset that ended another great day.  “Come Pan out”