Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Hey guys, Kevin here with today's report!  We're on the back end of the current swell but there's still some fun ones out there.  On the right tides, it's been surprisingly good out there.  I know we've had some surf lessons booked in the last few days so even the beginners have been taking advantage as well!   In any case, lets get to it!

Been scoping out Panga Drops the last few days. There's been some fun little corners out there on the right tides. Might be worth a look..

It's been pretty empty out there as well. This lone soul enjoying the view

This man has the right idea...

...and the right equipment

Flying down the line

The left has been generally better but the right has it's moments...

Random observation: I've noticed a lot of pelicans out there in the last few days... I suspect the fishing is going to be good soon...

After a few sets I turned my attention to Playa Colorado. I've been wanting some barrels lately...

This one's not a tube, but the inside has been playful and perfect for turns

Sick wrap

The wind has been on and off all day but it's been offshore. No complaints

Unfortunately this one closed out on him, but I'm loving the steaze arm

The stoke was high in the water today! Such good vibes out there

This one almost caught them by surprise!

Such a fun little insider. Might wanna keep an eye on that inside left....

Might be time to bring out those experimental shapes like this rad fish here in the next few days as the swell drops!

Such a nice open faaaaaaacceee

Dude's probably looking at surf pics on his phone ironically


...and after

There were a couple of little closeout barrels out there

You probably won't make it out, but you can always enjoy the view

He took the highline on this one. Man I just love this guy's style

too good

Take notes!

Mind surfing this so hard right now

Anyway, that's all folks!  Remember to stay hydrated guys, it's been pretty hot out there!   If you guys are curious to see if we have any pics of you, feel free to email us at

[email protected]

If you're eager for more surf content, feel free to check out my insta:


Also, Brian Scott has been killing it the last few days with his reports, you might want to check his instagram out for some more sick waves as well.  His photos are insanely good:



Last but not least, if you're still frothing for more surf content, I just wrote an article for a Canadian surf mag about my time at Pipeline if you're curious as well.

Short version:



Long version [better pics]: 


See you next time!