Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, December 25, 2010

We didn't make a company xmas picture this year so this was the next best thing we could find.  The NSR family would like to take this opportunity to wish everybody out there Happy Holidays.  We thank all of you who have patronized our business and especially those who have provided charitable help to our community service projects.  We accomplished a lot in 2010 and with your help, we've been able to provide assistance to many people in this wonderful country and make life just a little bit better.  For all this, we are grateful.  Enjoy your holidays and please keep checking back with us.  We are looking forward to another great year in 2011.

Merry Christmas everyone.  This is Lucha Libre throwing a couple shots in for our Saturday surf report.  Today we drove by the best spot to learn how to surf in town to take our good friend Jimmy out.  The waves were kinda small, perfect to teach some surf lessons.  Check it out!!!

If you guys remember Jimmy came down a couple weeks ago and had a couple lessons with the NSR Surf School, the best one in town.  This is Jimmy showing us what he learned with us before.  Solid ride all the way in to the beach on this left.

The lineup was completely empty this afternoon, maybe a lot of people is still feeling some reactions from the huge party we had last night.  Check out this couple getting some sugar to fight the hangover.

A couple local kids made it out, trying to find some waves to ride on their shortboards but they were not that lucky.  Here they are walking back home.

Or walk on the beach modeling your bikini and get a little bit of sun.  We mostly had families on the beach, enjoying a good time together.

Since the lineup was so empty we opted to take a couple shots of the life on the beach.  If the surf is not cooperating we can do a couple of other things, like play with your dog.

By the end of the day I sent Oliver out to catch a couple of waves to have another surf shot on.  Here he is walking straight to the nose on the last shot of the day.

Lucha out!!!