Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, December 23, 2011

What is up folks?  Before we get to today’s surf report we want to share a couple of photos from the Christmas Party we put together for the children of La Churequita in Rivas yesterday afternoon.  We loaded The Mule (aka santa's sleigh) full of presents and a big Santa Claus piñata and headed out to spend a good time with more than100 kids.  Quesitos and Carlisimo were feeling the excitement and were already talking about the expectations we have for next year.

People from all over the town start showing up to the party, on barefoot, on bikes, and anything that they could ride, including the brand new NICA 4x4 invention.  Welcome to the party everyone!!!

Carlitos and Quesitos were talking to the kids for a little while, making some new friendships while Pancho recorded the action and they also had a little bit of time to teach them a little bit of english.  Where are you Zacateca!!!???

We got going and start breaking a nice Piñata, that at the end was in more than 50 pieces, at least.  Carlitos and Quesitos doing the Piñata thing, they both were having fun as well.

Did I say more than 100 kids?  Check out the scene, waiting for the piñata to get broken and pick up some candies!

Then we continued our party giving toys, drinks and snacks away to every kid that was part of the party.  The mothers were an enormous help in organizing and directing traffic. This event definitely would not have been possible without them.

It was super nice to see all those little kids happy and ready to play with their new toys on Christmas.  Eear to ear smiles, as you can see!

A few boys were more than ready to go play already.  Play Ballllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!

We want to say thanks so much to everyone that make this possible. So many of you from the NSR community responded with donations. It was a huge help and we want to wish you all Merry Christmas and sick waves for next year.  THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!

After the party was over, everyone picked up the trash and went home to enjoy the holidays.

Carlos Caliente chiming in........speaking of making this Christmas giving event possible, a huge shout out and well deserved thanks goes to Roberto "Lucha Libre" Garcia and his wife Luz for spearheading this project every year. I'd also like to welcome my family down to Nicaragua. My dad Shannon and his wife Carol are visiting from Arizona. Here they are rockin' the SUP as if they lived on the ocean instead of in the desert.

This monring we made it to the beach, hoping to score some fun waves and we did.  Well over head set waves, sweet offshore winds, uncrowded lineup, cool and nice water added to the conditions.  Check it out!!!

Did I say uncrowded lineup? Hard to believe but that was exactly how it was when we got to the beach.  Here is this shot to prove it!

El Codo Lopez, Botetas and Chulin were the only ones out in the whole lineup.  They were charging some nice sized waves rolling in at Machete Pt.  El Codo Lopez with a late take off on his backside.

I was looking for different angles and it worked out pretty well.  If you have been to Machete Pt you can tell how deep the waves were breaking today judging for this angle.  That is the spot were you do not want to be!

El Botetas throwing buckets with a sick turn.  There is so much water in that spray that we can not even see him.

A few people paddled out front almost when we were leaving.  Check out this unknown rider catching a sick right hander.

Meanwile Chulin was still killing it at Machete Pt.  Here he is caught pulling into a huge section.

Alright folks, that’s all for today.  Please check back tomorrow.