Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, December 22, 2008

Hi guys this is “Come Pan and Lucha Libre” bringing you the action for the Monday surf report.  This month the waves have been smaller than usual.  It hasn’t stopped the people from coming to the beach.  Today was another beautiful day here at Maderas with the waves running knee high and the water is super clear.  Check out what we got!!!

There were plenty of people in the line up trying to get a few waves.  We are hoping to get a push in the swell over the next few days.

This is Jessica from Texas getting one of the better set waves of the day. The waves have been really good for longboarding the last couple of weeks, so if anyone would like to rent a new longboard, be sure to check Nicaraguasurfreport.com under the rentals link to see what we got - we have a full selection of Longboards incuding a Joel Tudor, a Ricky Carrol and several sizes of Softops.

While the waves are small a lot of people are trying to get some extra work done.  Here we have Yamil “El Coqui” and Abe doing some much needed work on the roof.

Here we have surf shot of an unknown rider taking off on this soft right and doing his best to get a long ride.

With the last shot of the day we have some visiting surfers who brought the right sized surfboards for the waves we have right now. Hey bro, nice socks! 

Please check back with us tomorrow.