Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hi everyone and thank you for joining us for the Sunday surf report.   The waves have been pretty small this month but on the other hand it is a good time to take a long board out and learn how to surf.  The NSR surf school had a great family taking their first surf lesson with NSR and having a good time at the beach with us.  From right to left we have Leo Fried, Mr. Fried, Lilly Fried and our good friend Oliver.  Here is a group shot with this nice family.

For the first surf shot we have Lilly setting up to get a good ride all the way to the beach.  Lilly had a great time out there taking a bunch of fun waves.

This is Leo Fried with a cool ride as well.  This little guy had a good time out there for his first time in the ocean on a surfboard, he was a quick learner and took control of these type of waves.

For the next shot we had Mr. Fried riding this fun wave.  Their family had a really good time at the beach, so they decided to book us again tomorrow.  It was really great meeting you guys and we had a good day with you.

Later on we decided to drive to Maderas to get some surf shots.  The surf conditions weren’t good for shortboards, but there were some fun sets for longboarding.  It was knee high on sets, the wind was offshore, the weather was great and the water was super nice.  Check it out!!!

Oscar “El Freaky” Dangla was able to paddle out there and get a bunch of fun ones.  Here we caught him taking off on this smooth left.

There were quite a few beginners out trying to catch some waves and enjoying the beautiful day.  Here we have this shot of the beach scene.

Today the surf was a little small, so we decided to walk around and find some beautiful girls and ask them some questions about their thoughts on our beautiful country and also their ideas about our culture as well.  Here we have Leah and she is originally from Canada.  She has been in Nicaragua for six weeks and she said she loves being here in Nicaragua and that is why she comes here for six months every year.  Also we asked her about the surf conditions and she said this is her favorite time of the year because she likes it when the waves are a little smaller and the weather is perfect.  My favorite beach to surf is Maderas because it has good waves and the local people are so nice.   Thank you Leah for taking the time and sharing your views on our country.

For the last shot of the day we found our good buddy Mateito “Guineo” Prado spending the day at the beach and showing us the good life in Nicaragua.  Please check back with us tomorrow.   It’s beer thirty buddy!!!