Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Hey guys and welcome back to the NSR surf report! This is Parker uploading today's late morning shots. Check them out!

Yes, the waves are still similar compared to the day before. We see a pulse that should fill in tomorrow evening so keep your fingers crossed and stay off the naughty list!!

Meet Kai. He rips and can navigate the world's smallest tube!!

Dang bro! I'm impressed that you locked in, held on, and punched through. If you aren't a shredding 10 year old, the waves were rippable.

Kai and his brother Hans (pictured here) are visiting us from northern Spain. Welcome back down guys and we hope the waves pick up a notch for you!

For young guns, they surf really well. No wonder their boards are already covered in stickers...

With the current direction, you'll find a lot of lefts coming through the beach. Pick a solid wave with a makeable line!

Some gems squeeze through and were perfect. This surfer was locked in but the other guy snowballed him. If somebody is already on the wave, don't even go for it!! How much of a bummer would it be to ruin somebody else's tube?

Hans found a nug and locked in. Because he is half my height and weight, he slipped right in. For me, I might have to wait until the waves pick up some...

We're stoked to feature him and his brother on the report. Thank you guys for checking it out everyday and we are pleased to hear how much you enjoy reading it!!

Yader, the security guard, didn't seem too impressed with Hans' wave. I am though! Those two have bright years of surfing ahead of them.

Do you see Kai's spring suit? The consistent offshores have chilled the water a couple degrees. If I had to guess, it's in the mid 70's. Bring a top or swin by the NSR shop to keep the wind off your back!

Hans and Kai, best of luck in your surfing careers and it was nice to meet you guys today! We'll see you around for the holidays.

Ok damas and caballeros, thank you for tuning in today! It's time to get some work down before the NSR Christmas party this evening. Have a good rest of the day and nos vemos en la manana!