Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, December 20, 2015

Hello everybody and welcome back to the surf report with NSR. This is Parker bringing you the weekend photos. Check it out!

The winds were light for a few days but now they are back for a couple days. Don't spread your wings too much or you'll get blown into the sky with the pelicans!

Even with the consistent waves, there were ample right hand rollers! Throw a wetsuit top on and try it for yourself.

Do you take the first wave to be sure or do you test your patience for the outside set wave? Seems like you can score either way...

Thanks to the south swell, the waves were about chest to shoulder high. The next few days will bring similar conditions so it's a perfect time to schedule NSR surf lessons with our ladies or try that new trick you saw in the magazine.

These two guys were surfing alone! No worries if one wave closes out... pop a floater and catch the next (uncontested) wave.

The heavier winds hold up the wave longer and create a hollowier tube. Somebody get on it!

Back at the NSR shop, we have over 100 quality boards. Why would you pay the steep board bag fees and risk your board's structural integrity? We have everything from a 5'6" performance short board to a 9'6" long board.

Alma Jean is a big fan of our 9'4" Joel Tudor single fan. I've borrowed the board a couple times and it's smooth, fast, and still responsive. Watch out for her pulling into gnarly barrels!!!

Some of us are big and taller so we need extra volume. While we are in the offseason, NSR would love to hear some feedback before we order boards. If you have specific ideas or suggestions for boards, let us know. After all, our quiver is for YOU so we want to order your favorite boards. Send me your input at [email protected]

Noland loves the cutting edge surf technology! We've heard awesome feedback about the Vanguard Tomos so try one for yourself. Alright guys and gals, have a good rest of the weekend and a good start of the week! Adios amigos!!

Hold up one minute before we finish the report for the day!! NSR and I want to give a huge shoutout to our staff photographer Armando Lopez. He does a phenomenal job taking beautiful photos and uploading hilarious Spanglish content. Armando, you do an awesome job and congrats being ask to submit your work at the Photography Exhibit in Rancho Santana. Keep up the good work! Also, congrats to Brian Scott/Natalie Quinn (NICA Surf Shots), Tony Zachareck (Tony Z Photos), Tony Roberts (TR Photos), and DJ Zymkowitz (DJ Zymkowitz Photography) for submitting your work.