Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, December 17, 2015

Hello all and welcome back to the NSR report with Parker! The waves are still in the stomach to chest area but very rippable. Enjoy!

Roberto (El Buchon) was all over the face today. He scored countless frontside cutbacks before most woke up!

Despite totally calm offshore winds and a higher tide, the waves still showed some hollowness. We know it's small but it's very fun regardless!

I shot photos after the high tide and found long rollers. Unknown surfer is taking advantage of that!

If the waves are surfable, you know Roger Hochman will be on it! Plus, he's always a friendly face in the line up.

After a few weeks, Luis Francisco finally returned to work! He was recovering after a minor surgery but now he's all smiles (more like jokes). Welcome back amigo!!

While we are in offseason mode, take a day trip with an NSR moto. Go enjoy sunset drinks/apps at Mag Rock or travel to Ometepe (check yesterday's report). The possibilities are endless and yes they have surf racks.

This morning was a frontside surfer's dream. Fill your daily quota of barrels at the beach break down south and get your turns in at the reef up north... best of both worlds!

Bill was enjoying his morning. The paddling gloves gave him an extra boost to out-paddle everybody for the set waves!

What looks better? The beautiful blue water or the water carved off the back of the waves? Or maybe they go together like rice and beans in gallo pinto?

Alright guys and gals, I appreciate y'all checking out the surf report today! The waves will be staying in the chest high range for a few days. If there is anyway NSR can help your holiday vacation, reach out to me at [email protected] Adios amigos!!