Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, December 17, 2013

In and outter were breaking today.  Super fun waves to shred all day long.  Head high plus on the bigger sets, winds were nice offshore and the water was great.  Check out the lineup!

The waves were super fun as you can see.  Where are you Borrador?

Simoncito made the trip with us and he was taking lots of fun ones.  Sick drop Vato Negro!

Manuel Ressano made it out right before dark and he was ripping hard.  Check him out with a cool off the top.

El Codo Lopez also jumped in the truck and he was having a blast.  Here he is caught going big with a cool round house.

But the man of the day was Oliver El Monito Soliz.  Setting up to bust the lip off the back!

Shot 2, sicky one brotha!

And it is always nice to finish it up!

Sick little nuggets were rolling in, but there were still some nice ones with no takers.  Yewww!!!

Sick right handers were rolling in as well.  And as you can see, not many people were there to take them!

Big Roy got out right before sunset and he was still able to ride some sick ones.  That's a really nice size wave, and if you know Roy you can tell how big it is.

The waves were so nice and clean that everyone out there was having a blast.  Check out the scence!

Lots of waves to have fun on.  Super fun on the fish!

That's all for today amigos.  Please check back tomorrow!