Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, December 16, 2016

Good morning everybody and happy Friday!! Welcome to the NSR surf report with Hotsticks. We woke up early to shoot some photos so check out the cool blue morning light!

At 6:30am, I knew Roger and only Roger would be on it! That's why we call him the CSO of the EMHEC- he always surfs, he always has a good vibe about him, and he always has fun (even if the waves are flat).

Well, it may not be the NLand wave park from back home, but this is free and uncrowded. We will start getting busy before Christmas and through New Years but we are empty for now.

It was mid tide when I shot photos so plenty of soft rights were rolling to the beach. I think everybody had such a good time at the Mark and Dave's party so they were sleeping in today. Get on it while the winds and crowds are minimal!!

There's still some umpf on the inside beachie!! I hope you've been practicing your yoga to squeeze into that... Or come rent a longboard from our shop!

Becuase the waves are small, we want to change gears for a minute and show you part of La Isla de Ometepe. Ometepe is an island in the middle of Lake Nicaragua created by two (now) inactive volcanos: Concepcion and Maderas. If you have a day or two days and a night to spare, it is a must to check out!!

We took the 7am ferry from San Jorge (the port 4 kilometers due east of Rivas) and landed in the capital: Moyogalpa. If you want to plan a trip out here, the ferries run once every hour from 7am to 4pm daily (verify that with your property manager or give the port's office a call to be safe). Once you arrive, take a quick stretch break, get a coffee and fresh fruit, and gear up for an action packed day!!

As you drive around the roads, you will see the massive peaks. This one is Maderas and is about 1,500 verticle meters (it continues above those clouds). If you have a whole day to dedicate here (7 to 8 hours), the hike is beautiful. I've heard so much about it so it's on my Nicaraguan bucket list!!

But the goal of this trip was the San Ramon waterfall. This hike takes between 1.5 to 2.5 hours speed depending each way (plus some time to relax at the waterfall). If we are talking about bucket lists, never have I ever hiked through a rain forrest to see a flowing waterfall... check!!!

The outcroppings and views were pretty stunning and expansive. Next time, I will make space for a professional camera to show you guys how beautiful it really is!

Ta da!!! A 3 kilometer trail later and we arrived at the waterfall! The water falls from that peak about 150 meters into a collection pool below. A guide said November and December are usually the best months due to the heavy October rains.

Fernando, Brittany, Judah, and Ava Pacheco joined us for the adventure and they made it up the trail! There were a couple moments of tough patches for Mr. Judah Man; however, he did well and completed the hike!! Congrats bro!

Here's another gorgeous shot of waterfall so please excuse the cropping job. If you time the hike closer to November, you will see even more water. For us, it's mid December and we did not have a heavy rainy season so the waterfall was on the drier side. Regardless, Peter, you need to take Kristhell here hombre!!!

Alright damas and caballeros, we had a jam packed day touring around Ometepe. If you haven't seen the moon, it's full and clear right now. That means the tides are little more extreme but the sunsets are extra pretty so plan accordingly! Thank you everybody for checking out today's shots and we hope you liked the change up. Pasa un buen fin de semana primos!!