Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Hello and good morning everybody. The morning have the tide going down. The offshore wind was glassing in the inside section. This wave was working good with A frame. The waves were good for a smooth ride. Check it out.

Some waves looks like twins. This has happened when the sets of three waves were rolling.

I like the view of my favorite beach break from the angle where I was taking the photos. Check the next shot.

The rock in the end have like a face or looks like a wave too. There are a left rolling in the beach and looks like is in gold with a phantom rock in the background..

The sets not are so big, so was save in the inside. This surfer catch a wave over there with nice glassing and shape. I think he know how surf, but while ago and he score this right in his return to surf.

Was like drop peahi( Jaws ) for him. For my this is one of the best part of surf. When you made the drop you realise you made the wave and after you are able to continue with the fun.

Yeah!!!!! man.... Come back for another one. The offshore wind is increased during the day, so the morning is the best. Parker Hannah's is in Ometepe Island in a tour. He will post some pics of the adventure. Be tuned because you probably will have interest to go there in a day off of surf. Armando Lopezx is out.

Good evening everybody! This is Parker checking in for the back half of the NSR report with action from La Isla de Ometepe. Norman planned a full day of fun activities so keep scrolling down!

Norman and I took the ferry from San Jorge and our first stop was Punta de Jesus Maria. You and I are in the same boat because I had zero clue what to expect for this attraction (and the rest of the day for that matter).

When Ometepe was explored, people were baffled why Punta de Jesus Maria stuck out a quarter kilometer. Norman and I were not science majors so we were equally confused but very interested. Suggestion for the dudes: pick up up a couple perfect conch shells to suprise the awesome lady in your life. After all, she granted permission for your surf trip so reciprocate the love!

Next stop: Chico Largo. To prepare me, Norman informed me of the local legend. Apparently, when your windows are closed, you hear a man in pain on a boat outside. As soon as you open your windows to investigate, the sound disappears because the ghost is hiding. Regardless of the truth, we had to check it out!

Annnnnddddd we are here... Do you see anything scary?!? The scariest thing was me working hard and not having a cold Tona in my hand...

Maybe sweet baby Jesus was keeping the ghost out of sight? Regardless, happy holidays to all from NSR!

We hopped on my moto and visited Chaco Verde, which means "green lagoon." Norman told me that nobody knows why the water is green; however, it is totally safe. This is a good spot to stop, catch your breath, have a cold drink, and relax for a couple minutes!

Last stop (remember, we are technically on the clock): Ojo de Agua. This attraction is a flowing river packed with natural relaxing vitamins. If Corporate America is taking a toll on you, plan a trip here to get tubed then visit this spot to unwind and float around!

There's a tree swing?!? You don't have to tell me twice!! If you're going to do it, you may as well take a running start. Spoiler alert: Norman did not listen to his inner Ricky Bobby...

If I can't get barreled today, I'll set for a backflip on this one occassion. If Norman decides to change from the Shop Manager, he may have a bright future as an NSR photographer... Right Armando??

We concluded our action packed day on the early ferry home. Thank you Heather and Carl for allowing Norman and me to monkey around La Isla de Ometepe for a day! It is a big island with numerous activities so you could easily do a two day trip. Ok chicos, it's time for dollar slices at Don Eloys so Parker is signing out!