Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hi folks, welcome to the daily surf report from one of our most popular beaches down here in Nicaragua.  The waves were a little bit smaller than yesterday but it was super fun.  We had a great day to take the big pangas out and a few guys did.  It was running about waist to chest high on sets with nice offshore winds and the water was pretty nice and clear.  Check it out!!!

As we said before we had a pretty nice day for big boards and here we have this shot to prove it.  This is our new friend Jeff from Costa Rica doing a killer cross step on this nice looking left.

A few local kids paddled out and were trying to catch some waves.  This is Denis “El Sapoyol” with a late take off on this one.  He probably would get shacked on this nice little nugget, uh!

Lucha Libre took the water camera out for a while and captured a few cool shots.  Here we have a shot of Nick and Kristine posing for the camera and immortalize this moment for ever.  Enjoy your trip fellas!!!

We didn’t have many people on the beach today, maybe that’s because everybody knew that the waves were going to be smaller than yesterday.  Anyway, here we have a nice shot of the scene from the water.

We did have a few readers, riding about the NSR history.  How we began to do what we do everyday now.  It is a good book, so try to find it in the market.  She is still thinking about how Lucha got that nickname, but that is still a top secret!!!

We already passed Halloween’s day but it looks like we still have a couple ghosts around.  What a crazy eyes my friend!!!

This is Matt from Colorado picking up a nice form right.  There were some waves to be ride on a shortboard but you had to wait for the sets.

Many times when you want to learn you have to you have to get pounded a couple times.  Ouchhhhhh!!!

On the last shot of the day we have Jeff with another killer shot.  He was giving some longboard clinic today.  Hopefully we will score some fun ones tomorrow as well, so make sure to check us back out.