Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, December 16, 2006

Hi, this is Roberto with the surf report for today. We have solid over set waves coming in and almost nobody out. We headed out in the morning to Maderas to have a fun session. Check it out.

Here is Wayland the big b,,,, kid. Please, somebody call to the 911.

Today we had Roque

Holly s,,, check him out. He's getting pretty good.

I had too many good shots of him. Her are the best ones, getting a right barrel.

Another barrel, now going left. He kill it today.

Hey Roque, Can you give some waves to the other guys? I sorry man, I forgot nobody was out.

It's early in the morning but there were some cute chicks on the beach.

We had too many good waves in the morning with no takers. Where are you guys?

I don't know who's this guy, but It's a nice bottom turn. Hold a second please, Is that

KY, yes he is. Nice spray buddy.

Here is

Do you remenber how to say bird into spanish? If you don't remenber I'll tell you next time, so stay tuned with us.