Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Make the kids happy, that is one of our primordial goals during the whole year.   NSR always do the best to help out Nicaraguan’s communities and keep the kids in good environment, enjoying their time off from school.  During the last 3 years Lucha’s family and NSR has been supporting bunch of kids with food, drinks, toys and some clothes during the Christmas Holidays.  This year we want to make everyone of you guys part of this mission, let’s join efforts and make this come true.  Last year we provided supplies to more than 150 kids, this year we want to take the goal over 200 kids but we need your help to make this possible.  Make your donation to [email protected] via paypal, every dime would make a huge different on making all the kids happy.  Thanks for your help!!!

What’s up party people?  This is Lucha Libre Garcia bringing you some of the action we had on the beach today.  The waves were super fun, running about waist to chest high on sets with pretty strong offshore winds.  The water was a little chilly but the winds made it feel freezing.  Check it out!!!

Our very good friend Chewy and his chick Maria just got here yesterday and today they headed out to the beach with us.  Here they are just seconds away from fun and get their eyes blind.  Nice spray uh, Chubaka!

There were plenty of waves to be taken but there was not many people out.  This is Maria riding her first official wave down here in Nicaragua.

Wait a second, that’s Jacksomevile Chewyto with a cool off the top on this little nugget.  He’s very stoked to be down here again, actually he’s so excited to drink some Caballito Suave one more time.

Chewy was also doing his thing on the big board.  Here he is caught working on his backside style and grabbing the rail.

The NSR Surf School is at it again.  This is our second day with our new friends from New York and they are killing it.  This is Michael representing his home state and laughing at all his friends because he's at the beach and it's freezing cold back home.

While Michael was killing the rights, our buddy Justin was doing his thing on the lefts.  Solid stand up and ride all the way in to the beach.  NY in the HOUSE!

A couple locals were out trying to score a few fun ones.  They were not even wearing a top so they were out only for about 20 minutes.  Check out this one with a nice little snap.

Rob just bought a brand new board from NSR a couple days ago.  This morning he took it out to test it and it was obviously working very well.  He got to score many good waves today and is stoked to be surfing in Nicaragua.  If anybody in Nicaragua is interested on buying some boards we got some sweet deals right now, stop by our shop in San Juan del Sur.   Or call Lucha Libre 8879-7197.

The Waves are supposed to be a little smaller tomorrow and the winds are going to die as well.  There should be still some fun surf to score, so please check back with us!

On this last shot, we have Junior from Limon, about to pull in to the green room on this nice left.  It's so nice to have waves in December!  Thanks to Mike at nicawaves for sending in this shot.