Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, December 15, 2006

This is Roberto

No way, Do you believe that? Is that Codo Lopez getting barrel on a short board? I still don't believe it, but here is the proof.

Here is Cali

Today we had a bunch of chicks on the beach. Here is a 3pack as an example.

This is Carlos Caliente wacthing the line up from the top of this wave. I know you are a big charger waves man, but now this is what we have.

Here is Larry

Check out Juan

Here is Cali wacthing Kambute's laidback or wipeout. It was a nice wipe out, he's 210 pounds and he spray 10 meters around.

Hey Friky, I know you didn't make this one but anyway you are on NSR.

Young Rex was destroying it today. He was ripping all over the place.

Check back tomorrow.