Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hi folks, this is Lucha Libre brining you the action for the Saturday surf report.  Today I took a couple of locals to the beach early before the tide was too high.  It was running about waist to chest high on sets, the winds were strong offshore and the water was a little bit more chilly than normal.  Check it out.

We want to introduce two new local surfers that were out today trying to catch some waves.  They were part of the crew that was learning how to surf in the last NSR beach day we had the last weekend.  This is Humberto “El Mechas” taking a sweet left.

The water was chilly for us but there were a couple of guys who were feeling the day a little bit hot.  Check out this guy wearing only on a killer speedo trying to get some sun.

The wave of the day was caught by “El Tuzo” Morales.  He’s always in the right spot to get some barrels, no matter about the size of the wave.  Shot 1, hand dragging.

Shot 2, setting up.

Shot 3, getting into the little green room.

Shot 4, behind the curtain.

Shot 5, still going.

Shot 6, coming out.

Shot 7, who said you can not get shacked at Maderas when the waves are small?

Shot 8, clean and safe.

Shot 9, claiming it.

This is Wilbert “El Cherenga” dropping into a nice right.  I showed him this photo after this session and he was super stoked because this is the first surf photo he got.

The lineup was completely uncrowded today, there were only four locals out so many waves came through with no takers.  Here we have this beautiful wave with no one on.

Al right folks, lets boil some beans and wait for a tasty soup.  The waves might be about the same tomorrow so check back with us.