Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, December 11, 2009

Hi folks, this is Miguel bringing you all the action for this Friday surf report.  Today we drove up north in the morning when the tide was going out, trying to score some waves and get a few shots.  The waves were small but fun, running about waist to chest high on sets with nice offshore winds.  Check out the lineup!!!

A big NSR welcome to Lone Star ambassador Frank "The Tank" Cvar who is here with his lovely wife Rebecca. C'mon buddy LET'S GO STREAKING!!!

On this shot we have a few local guys that were diving for a while.  They were having fun and caught some fish to take home and feed their family.  They are going to have a sick dinner tonight.

Today we had a couple people in the lineup trying to take some good waves.  Here we have one them riding this small but fun left hander.

Well, we'll just call this one "balance".  Seriously, grab something in your house that resembles a pot full of flowers and take a stroll around the neighborhood.  It's much harder than it looks.

There were some nice sized set wave to be ridden, and Carlitos “Caliente” was in the right spot to catch a few of the better ones.  Check him out on this one with a sweet of the top.

The crowd was very light so there were many waves rolling in with no takers.  These guys decided to stay around on the beach and play a little big of frisbee and make some exercise.

On the last action surf of the day we have this unknown rider with a cool backside snap on this right with nice form.  The waves were actually small but very clean.

And finally, this is Felix modeling our newest NSR T-Shirt.  It's dark blue and features a life-like image of the Nicaraguan License plate, complete with the national seal and the map of the country.  Keeping with the realism, it even hangs a little crooked.  The sleeve and the shoulder feature the NSR logo printed in baby blue.  The next time you are down here, come by and check one out!

Looking good Felix!

For those of you who haven't seen this, a cool article about Nicaragua just came out in the NY Times today.  It features Hacienda Iguana, a place we know and love all too well.  Click on the above photo to check it out.  And remember, if you are looking for beach property in Nicaragua, NSR Real Estate has lots of killer listings!