Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, December 10, 2010

Meanwhile, back in FL it is freezing cold and we are getting ready for Christmas.  It's fun having a two year old during Christmas.  This is Safari's first visit to Santa Clause - along with her cousin Allie and DLite's little girl Sage.  She asked for a baby doll with a bottle.  It was hilarious and one of the cutest things you've ever seen.  I hope you guys are enjoying Nicaragua right now because we are struggling to stay warm over here - just look at Safari's little red nose.  Catch some of those warm waves for us! 

NSR always do the best to help out Nicaraguan’s communities.  During the last 3 years Lucha’s family and NSR has been supporting bunch of kids with food, drinks, toys and some clothes during the Christmas Holidays.  This year we want to make everyone of you guys part of this mission, let’s join efforts and make this come true.  Last year we provided supplies to more than 150 kids, this year we want to take the goal over 200 kids but we need your help to make this possible.  Make your donation to [email protected] via paypal, every dime would make a huge different on making all the kids happy.  Thanks for your help!!!

Another small but fun day down here in Nicaragua.  Waves were running about knee to waist high on sets, the lineup was a little busy and the water was chilly.  We don’t even have to bother you saying that the winds were strong offshore.  Check out the lineup!!!

A few locals jumped out in the chilly water to shred on some of the better sets we had rolling in.  This is El Mope Miranda with a cool round house on this little nugget.

A couple ladies made it out on their own and they were charging.  This is Latisha with a solid stand up on this mushy one, riding all the way in to the beach.

Randy “El Bambino” took his big ass super panga out and had a blast on it.  Here he is caught racing down the line on this left.

Quite a good amount of people was on the beach enjoying the sunny day we had.  We hope everybody is using sunblock because the sun was doing its thing today.

There were a few other local gringos that were doing their best to have fun on the big boards.  This Jeramia “El Pelon” taking his panga all the way in.  Always nice to have a big panga, if you do not have one with you right now, here at NSR we can rent you one or maybe sale it to you.

On the last action shot of the day we have Felipe ‘El Pipe” Chompipe with a nice looking floater.  Waves are supposed to stay like this for the next few days but it looks like we are going to have a 5 feet swell next week, so let’s get ready to shred pals.