Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Hi folks, this is Lucha Libre bringing you all the action from one of the most popular spots down south of Nicaragua.  Today we went to the beach in the afternoon hoping to score some fun waves right before dark and we did.  The waves were running about chest to head high on sets with nice offshore winds.  Check it out!!!

As we said before we scored some fun waves, and here we have a couple shots to show you a little bit of the action we had.  Check out this unknown rider bottom turning a nice looking right.

A few local surfers jumped out in the water and were shredding all over the place.  This is Gerson “El Botetas” Ramos with a sweet turn on one of the few lefts we had.

We also had some longboarders trying to catch some of the better waves to do some classic stuff.  We don’t remember this guy’s name but he is working at Mango Rosa with our very own D-litecito.  It looks like D-lite has been teaching him how to rip on that thing, uh!

Today there were some guys trying to snap some shots with some sweet cameras, but they don’t know that we take the photos around here.  Watch out for the waves man, it might get wet if you stay there

Lot’s of people showed out to the beach to get some sun.  Here we have a shot of the scene.  We are expecting to meet more people in the next few days for holidays and hopefully we’ll get some waves as well.

Our very own Pancho Sanchez had a chance to paddle out and rode some fun ones.  He’s taking care of Safari all by himself right now because Quesitos made it back to the states the last weekend.  Check him out going big with a sick and fast floater.

This guy is not very often on the site because he’s always working hard to support his family.  He’s name is Marcelino “La Cotorra” Navarro and he’s from San Juan del Sur.  Here we have a cool shot of him riding this small but sweet left hander right before sunset.

The sun light ended up very fast today, that’s what happens when the year is almost finished.  We want to leave you guys with a shot of the sunset hoping to have some fun waves tomorrow.  Please stay tuned with us!