Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, December 06, 2008

Hi and thanks for joining us for the Saturday surf report.  We are the NSR family bringing you the action from out here at Playa Maderas.  Today we went to the beach hoping to score some fun waves and we did.  We took a couple of longboards out and Lucha Libre was able to take a few water shots too.  The waves were super fun for big pangas and we really had a good day.  Check it out.

The whole NSR family made it to the beach except Come Panic because it was his day off.  Here we have our very own Carlitos Caliente taking a sweet right.  This is the first time that Lucha took the water camera out and he did it really well on this shot.

Pancho sanchez was part of the action as well.  He was having a good time with all his friends but he’s missing his family a lot.  Here is another cool photo from a nice perspective by Lucha.  He still has many things to learn with the water camera because this is not easy to do.

Later on, D-lite let Lucha use his surfboard but Lucha Libre didn’t get any good waves in the lineup because Pancho Sanchez wanted to ride all the waves that were coming in.  Here we have a shot that D-lite took while Lucha was trying to catch a couple on the longboard.

Our vey own D-lite was doing pretty good with the water camera as well and took some really sick photos.  These are Peggy and Imke in the background so stoked to get some water shots.  This is what we love about our job, “we make people happy”.

Afterwards, we headed over to the first ever Summer Bar Olympics Games at Mango Rosa.  Chad "Cowboy" Unser and Greg "La Panga" Bamford did an amazing job putting this event together. The place was absolutely going off with people there from all over the world eating, drinking and participating in the games.  Here is a shot of the scene.

We had four different events: rancho rodeo surfing, walking on your hands with beer bottles, pole dancing and the egg relay.   There were over 12 teams working hard for the big prize, a full day trip on LA PANGA ROSA with all drinks and food included.  Here is one of the participants in "Rancho Rodeo Surfing" - a very fun, slightly dangerous game to play after a few cocktails.  The surfboard is suspended from the ceiling of the rancho by 4 ropes.  When the rider mounts the board, they are only allowed to use their balance - no hands.  Then, opponents from the other teams get to pull on the ropes that hold up the board.  The result if a kind of "bucking" surfboard and it's very difficult to stay on.  She made it for 4 seconds.

The last event of the night was "Pole Dancing".  The object of this event was to impress the crowd with creative, sexy moves on the pole.  While we thought a couple of female teams were shoe-ins to win this one, it was actually the guys who threw down the best moves.  This is Edward from Nica Geeks, moments after falling 10' straight down and landing flat on his back.  Don't worry, he landed "flat" and was 100% able to keep drinking for the rest of the night.

This is NSR's very own "Pelo Bonito" stretching out for a third place finish in "Beer bottle walking".  NSR dominated the competition with two different teams and placed #1 and #2 overall.  We want to thank the Mango Rosa crew for throwing a killer party and inviting us.  We've already started training for next year...

We are supposed to get a nice little bump in the swell tomorrow so check back with us!  NSR OUT!