Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, December 06, 2007

Pancho here with the surf report for Thursday...somewhere in Nicaragua. We're stoked to have a bump in this late season South Swell. We've got consisent overhead sets coming through and the winds stayed light/offshore until about mid-day. Today, we continued to explore the nooks and crannies of the coast and what we found, well, why don't you have a look for yourself...this is an empty left-hander at first light.

Not many people have surfed a right hand point break in Nicaragua, but NSR managed to find one today. We actually found it yesterday, but it seems to be really tidal and a little finicky so we had to come back to score it. Today, it was on! This wave is definitely not perfect, but man, it's super fun and there were ton's of barrels to be had. Here's a shot from the Dirty.

Codo was so stoked to surf a right-hander, he stuck his head in the ocean!

Oliver "Jamon" Solis, taking off on a nice one and about to get slotted. He got two of the longest barrels I've seen in Nicaragua today!

Carlos Caliente had a chance to perfect his backside attack today. Here he is, showing off his form. After today's session, Carlito was quoted as saying, "Even though it's a heaving barrel, this place has a #*$# bottom and that makes it feel playful - it's like a big %$#*(&$ ". I don't think it could be more perfectly described so I think that's what we're gonna call it - "The %$#*(&$".

Hey Carlito, how does it feel to name your own surf spot?

Here's one more shot of Oliver, moving fast and almost out of frame. It was a little unnerving positioning the Dirty to take these shots - over #%$ miles away from home, even the smallest accident would have far reaching repercussions. (Don't worry Mom, we made it back safely today)

OK, this is NSR, signing off after another epic day of exploration in the Dirty Sanchez. Tomorrow we are going to make our way back down south so stay tuned for more photos from the trip!

Hi welcome to the surf report for today. This mornig i heade out somewhere in the country with the local Juniors, trying to get some good score. It's chest to head high on sets and the wind is offshore. Check it out.

Elsi "La Panterita" Marin was charging out there today. She is going left this time.

Here he is Gabriel "La Chanchita" smacking on the lip. This little kid was surfing good today.

Larry "Carita de Venado" was out of control today. He was shredding all over the place. Here he is with a cool spray.

Check out this shot as always we saying the best waves noboby taker. Look out what them missed.

Today we had a lot of kind of maneuver. Like this air of yong Rex "La Bestia" Calderon as always flying all over the place.

Another kid was on fire today. He is Norwin "El Chulin" Estrella getting into the barrel. Good job my friend!!!

This the last shot of the day. Check back tomorrow.