Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, December 05, 2014

Today we have a lot of fish and good waves. The wind like usually is in December is strong, really sunny day and nice rights constantly. Check it out.

Juanito get one of the best wave today, he made a big turn and get in the line in perfect time, look like in slow motion, but is because he was going too fast. Good wave bro.

My friend Goyo was making big turns. The best day in December for now and Goyo was so happy in the water, make me feel go to surf too.

Sarah was on fire, taking a thousand waves, choosing the most beautiful waves with nice shape.

And Lester was flying, Airs 360* easy. Pump.

Another good wave. Some sets were overhead.

This guy need to be a professional surfer. He is the best surfer here. Check it out next shot.

A good combinations of turns and airs, the best one in barrels and charger the biggest sets, Lester is considerate a complete surfers, just bad in the surf contest because it is not too popular for the judges.

Competing for the fish, we know they own the sardine, we just want the bigger fish.

I don't know if that was part of the moves of her surf style, or the bird, or she almost fell.

Ok. Check the sky and the sand, was a good day for hanging out on the beach, Today a group of friend and me will check the moonlight to see if is possible surf Pangas Drops in the night. So every body is invite, be ready around 10:00 PM. Armando Lopez is out.