Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Hi everyone and thank you for joining us for the Tuesday surf report. Today we’ve got “Lucha Libre” bringing you the surf action out here at Maderas.  The waves were fun this morning, it was running about waist to chest high on sets, the wind was offshore and the water was super nice.  Check it out.

When we pulled up to the beach we saw a couple of shoulder high sets coming through with nice form.   As you can see in this shot, one of the best waves broke right in front of “La Gaviota” on his way out, that is a shame buddy!!!!

The line up wasn’t very busy today.  We only had a couple of locals out this morning, we took the Chamorro Brothers with us so we could see them do their thing in the waves   For the first surf shot we have Augusto “La Gaviata” Chamorro with a nice front side snap on this right.

The older of the two is Luis “La Baloy” and he was getting some good waves and flying all over the place.  Here he is with a cool front side air on this right.  Luis has decided to spend more time at the beach and practice more and more.  He was out of the surf for a while and he feels a little bit rusty.

Jorge “El Chispero" made out to Maderas and was doing a couple of good maneuvers on some fun waves.   Here we got of shot of him doing a sweet front side cutty on this left.  This guy has not been surfing very long and we are impressed how far he has come in just two years.

Also some of the foreign rider’s decided to get wet and catch some fun waves as well.  Here we caught one of them with a great floater on this left.

With the last shot of the day we caught Ricardo”El Italiano Loco” with one of the bigger set waves of the day.  This guy was lucky today to be in the right spot at the right time.  Please check back with us tomorrow.